Hellooooooooooooooo rang a voice in the forest. Whhhwhat do you want yelled Zach. It's just me said his girlfriend Megan. Oh I knew that... then she started to fade...... ZACH!!! She yelled as she dissapeared. Whwhwhat's happening yelled Zach! Then he saw it. It was a creature in the tree moaning. Zach looked up and screamed, then he mustered up the courage and then he asked whwhat are your giant eyes for? Tooooo look through and through. What are your giant claws for? said Zach seeming frightened. Toooo scratch your grave!! and whwhwhwhat are your giant teeth for? said Zach almost whispering. Then the thing replied TO CHOMP YOUR BONES!!!! Zach started running and when he was in a clearing he looked back and he saw his house. So he ran inside and there were three things 2 graves in the yard and the monster. Zach screamed so loudly he died. THE END?