If you go on YouTube and search for "Bleeding Death Hand", you will most likely find nothing. The odds of this occurrence working for you is a million to one. However, if you do get lucky, you will be taken to a special screen on the website. The entire screen will turn black and you won't be able to leave the page. The webpage's ominous feel to it will prevent you from leaving it. After a little bit, you will see a small red dot appear in the center of the screen. With no other options, you will eventually decide to click on it out of curiosity. After you do so, the dot will slowly get bigger until it turns into a line. As it continues to grow bigger, more features of the object will slowly become visible and you will eventually see that it is a bloody hand. Once it comes right up to the screen, it will reach out of your computer, grab you by your neck, and pull you in. It is unknown what happens to you when you get pulled in.

One time, this one kid happened to be videotaping himself when he attempted the challenge. It worked for him, and when he was pulled in, it showed him slowly getting dragged away. He was screaming for help. As he was dragged farther away, his screams grew quieter. He eventually was dragged so far away that all you could see of him was a dot. After that, the dot kept on shrinking until it was nowhere to be found. The computer then restarted itself just to end up on the login screen.

When questioned about this, the founder of YouTube said "No, we have nothing to do with this dumb conspiracy. All those videos and pieces of 'evidence' are all fake. This is just a dumb urban legend".

One YouTube staff member volunteered to attempt the challenge himself in hopes of debunking the urban legend. He was never seen or heard from ever again. Ever since then, YouTube has said nothing about it.

Another masterpiece made by: BrianBerta

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