Note: I did not create this pasta and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

Have you ever thought about everything? Where everything came from? Why it was there? How it got here?

Sure, people say that everything was created by different people. But really, who are these people? Have you actually thought if they were actually real? Maybe these people have been created by you. In your very own imagination. The good ones and the bad ones. The bad ones might be the corrupted part of your sick mind.

Maybe this is all a dream. Or maybe something bigger. This is your world. Something for you to hide in. But what are you hiding from? Maybe this story was created to warn you.

You probably think I'm just some regular person. But my purpose in life was to write this story. I'm part of your dream. All of this is part of your dream. This story is not to scare you, but to warn you. To tell you to wake up.

Maybe you won't die before it gets you. Maybe you'll be able to fight it. You think I'm just making this up. You'd tell me that I'm crazy, and that you could never create your own world, much less remember making one. Well, that is just to protect you. From the truth.

And I am one of the bad ones. The corrupted. Here to awaken you, for you will be its next victim. Don't worry. You'll know what it is when you wake up.

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