Note: I did not write this pasta, I found it in the comment section of "The X-Ray Glasses" on, one of the admins post it to let everyone know about the quality of the stories people send him. Originally untitled, I arranged a title using the first line. Enjoy.

you think that if u have a night light the monsters will stay away right? well it wont the night will get to u and so will the dark icey hand from under your bed. you may call for your mom or dad but they wont come.the dark has swallowed there sole already and they wont be able to move until morning so you think you can go all the way to there room before geting swallowed up by the dark well gess again the dark is every were and it will get you and this moniter light isnt enugh so dont try to take it with you cause this monitor is the last kind of light u will see ever now turn to ur left then ur right and by time u do that ur screen will go black and the world will here u scream!

Author unknown

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