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I remember....Playing this strange game called "War Bush" On The PS4 7 years ago.....In The game, You play as a Army Sargent named "Axl Gore" and you must lead your army to victory over Opposing forces. For the most part, this concept was nothing special....I mean, I've seen game developers pull it off In alot of games and I wasn't expecting anything too drastic...Until....

While Playing The Game....I started a mission called "665 Devin Path"....But before I could Start, a weird message popped outta nowhere...."You Died". 0_0 What In The world? I haven't even started the game yet, and The game already sends me the message "You died"?! I tried restarting The game....But As I was doing this, The Message Started getting bloodier and bloodier and Even MORE Hyper-realistic! After 87 failed attempts, I decided to turn off the game and take a quick break.

2 Hours Later...

Okay, After I had ate My Turkey SandWitch. I decided to get back on the game!.......What came next....Will forever have a place in my heart....Something I will Never forget, and something That I will forever I was starting the mission "665 Devin Path"....the screen turned static, and remained that way for a couple of seconds.

After the Static had came to an arubt end, The mission had restarted by itself....But there was a huge difference to the title of the mission and I mean a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *insert Trump pun here* difference....

666 Devil Path In Hyper-realistic Blood was the new title of this mission....

I got scared, and quickly went on to turn off the game....But it was too late.

The monster had killed me.

After he had killed me.....he Had left. and coincidentally, the Message had appeared again....

"You died".

DISCLAIMER: I am Alive butt the monster did kill someone else before

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