Note: I did not write this story, I am just posting it here.

As Yoel and his parents walked inside there home after a long day at the beach.Yoels mother said in her kind voice”Yoel its time to go to sleep becouse you have your first day at school tomarow.The next morning Yoel woke up and got ready for his first day at Diplomat elementary.As he got to his school the teacher asked him his full name to the class and he responded back by saying YoeI Enrique Munoz.Then the class introduced themselves and one of the students name was Asia and YoeI asked her if shes asian and Asia took that offensive so she told on him to the princible.Later that day Yoel spoke with the princible and Yoel got so mad that he grabed him by the neck and snaped it.Yoel had that mourderous feeling and he fleed the scene from police for hourse and then he stumbled on his home.3AM Yoel grabed a knife from his kitchen and went to his parents bedroom and killed them and then he went to his brother Lazaros room and sliced him in half.”Young unkown killer still at large.”Said the wink news reporter.

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