I was home alone. My parents were at a date, and I was as bored as hell. The doorbell rang and I answered. Someone in a yellow sweatshirt, pink pants, and a purple hat came with me with a box with yellow duct tape. I took the box and came inside. I opened the box and there was a stuffed animal of Wow Wow Wubbzy with covered in blood and had devil eyes and a DVD. I put the DVD in and there were two episodes:

  1. Part 1 - Wubbzy's Death
  2. Part 2 - Wubbzy's Revenge

I began to watch part 1 of the episode, and I was already terrified.

Wubbzy's death began Wubbzy at the Yum Yum restaurant, eating a cake. Walden and Widget pranked him by putting an airhorn right behind Wubbzy. When Walden turned on the airhorn, Wubbzy jumped and his cake was ruined and Wubbzy was mad. Daizy saw what happened and chuckled. Then, someone else told Wubbzy to get prepared. Wubbzy remembered that he had a performance to play flute.

Wubbzy played the flute way worse than he usually does. Everyone booed at Wubbzy. Wubbzy threw the flute into the crowd and ran home, crying. He grabbed a shotgun and shot himself in the head. Wubbzy was dead, in a pool of blood and then the screen fizzed.

I was disturbed but I wanted to know what happened. So I watched part 2.

Wubbzy was this monster with red devily eyes covered in blood, just like that stuffed animal I got. Wubbzy had a long knife and said that he wanted to murder. He started with Walden and Widget.


While Walden and Widget were spending the night, Wubbzy sneaked right behind Walden and cut off his head. Widget saw and begged not to kill her, but it was too late. Wubbzy murdered Widget with the knife. Now he was going to murder everyone else in the town except Daizy.

Wubbzy saw everyone at a party (except Daizy, she was at home) and slaughtered everyone at the party with the knife or the same shotgun that Wubbzy committed suicide with. He then went to Daizy's house and sang "Love is near, even if I'm dead!" Daizy then ran away, never to be seen again.

I was terrified. I then saw the same person who gave me the box. He climbed to the window and showed that he was Wubbzy! I screamed and my parents came home. Wubbzy said that he will destroy the whole town in 24 hours if I don't warn 15 people.

This is why I am telling you. I don't want my town to be destroyed forever.

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