If you thought world war 1 or 2 was bad...Pfft. World War 666 is something else!

It all started in The year 2Billion....The day the world had ended.

Humans of all shapes and sizes were preparing for the end...Storaging Food and water....and practically everything they can get their hands on!

But one monster decided to End all of this preperation.

His name.....was SATAN!

"RARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR fuck humans!" Yelled the devil

"Fuck you too" Yelled Humans

After that fiasco, Satan was shot at.

After that, Satan wanted to go to war with humans!

"This...means....WARRRRRRR!" yELLED Satan

He Assembled a Satanic army in order to rival with the Humans Military Forces!

Together, they all marched up to earth and started to murder countless Civilians both young and old, with no remorse WHATSOEVER!

"This is what you get for Treating Me like Shit" Said Satan.

The Humans nearly surrendered.....Untill One day....They Told god to get his Ass down here and help them fight off The Satanic army!

"No". Said God

"Okay". Said Humans

6 hours later....the world was destroyed....and EVERYONE DIED INCLUDING CHUCK NORRIS!

but it was too late....The monster had killed me.

World war 666 would end there.....But the battle rages on in space!

Victory shall be claimed by those willing to sacrifice their lives for their freedom!


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