Have you ever felt very angry? Have you ever felt an urge to just kidnap someone and slice them up into millions of pieces.

Have you ever felt like puting barbed wire in someone's body, attaching a string to the barbed wire, attaching the other end to a motorcycle, and driving off so all of his/her internal organs get ripped apart and torn out of their body?

Have you ever wanted to tie someone up and stick a blowtorch in their eye until it burns a hole through their head?

Have you ever wanted to stick a knife in the ground (pointy side sticking up) put someone's head over it, and stomp down on their head so it gets stabbed into their brain?

I'm sure that we've all felt these urges like 1,000,001 times so why do...

Oh wait, what was that? You're saying that nobody has ever felt the urge to any of what I said? Oh, shit. I just fucked up. There goes my chance of making this into some super pretentious creepypasta. Oh well, at least I can upload it here so that means that I didn't waste the last 35 years of my life. I'm sure it will become soooooo popular.


Oh fuck, it's not becoming popular and I'm not becoming a tri-mi-bi-zillionaire. I just wasted my entire life writing this piece of crap. I am now going to commit suicide because of this.

This guy now came back as a ghost and he's going to kill everyone who doesn't worship satan.








Another masterpiece made by: BrianBerta

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