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The drop of water.

This is a sequel to Fire rules the World.

Twenty thousand years have passed since earth was completely destroyed by the fire. The cites have all been burnt to a crisp and all of human kind has been killed off. However, the fire failed to burn all the water and there is still a tiny spot of water remaining. This is the story about how it grew and eventually made a comeback.

A tiny drop of water is all that is left of earth’s last hope. It was trying to think about how it would save the world. Then it thought of an idea and started breeding. It tried to splash itself on the ground in order to reproduce itself.

To the water’s surprise, it actually worked. Another drop of water formed out of the puddle made by the first drop. The first drop then told the second drop to do the same thing and so the cycle began to repeat itself until…

One thousand years later…

The trillions of water drops joined together to make an entire ocean. They decided they were ready to attack the fire. As one, they broke the surface only to find everything burning. The sky was a bloody shade of red due to all the pollution from the smoke. They smashed into the fire on a massive tittle wave and the battle began.

At first the fire seemed unstoppable and both sides suffered heavy losses. But eventually the fire started to lose its power, little by little.

“Jon, you're going to be late for school, get up right this instant.”

“Yes mom, in a second.”

As Jon was walking to school he stared at the puddle that had formed overnight on the sidewalk. It’s just water he told himself and kicked it. It's not like it did anything on its own.

Oh, how wrong he was…

Written by Skyrim90000

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