A Men riding a women was passing an eighteen-wheeler carrying sht metal when one of the shts sifted an neatly cut uff the drivew's hed and not the hed thats at the vewy top. Da hedlez men continued on it's path by the semi screamn ouchie. The drivew saw the hedlez women ridew and immediately haved a hert-atick, and his truck swerved into a bus-stop full of peeps, at which point a cop saw the gas leak and fire getting close to the bus an runned to the bus but then the bus exploded killing all of the kids an then cop and making his car exploded too and whend that happen a van of hippyz wa driwin by an da drivew fweaked out. So den de drivew thought it look cool cus he was really high and he swirved and ran into a mini van which crushed it causing it to drive off a bridge an den exploded upon impact to da ground. There was people there on the ground they all dead too now yesterday once or twice. And then the ambulance called one of the victims friends to tell them they had dead and that victim grabbed a rocket launcher out of his back pocket and runned around an blowed himself down........Thats when a riot began cuz when you dont strap ur sht metalz to the eighteen-wheeler goodz enuffs den dats when lots of people deadz. Spread dis message to all uf da people who drv eighteen-wheelers so dey know not to accedently cut uff da women riders hed.

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