Note: This is my first creeppyppasta dont hate or i willl su ya

P.S: The grammar mistakes in this "creepypasta" were made on purpose....

There once was a girl called Dawn Dick Richardson. She was only 3 years old. She went to preschool. When she came back from preschooll her parents threw vases, cats, flower pots and eggs at Dawn. It was obvious that her parents despised her. She later found out she had an evil power when she was 8. If people looked at her in the eyes they willl die and sufer. She met a mysteriouss creeture that had no eyes black teers blue masck and a blak hodie. She became partners in crime with the mystirious man. The man leeded her in to a mansion were lived a fasless man that was tal and wore a blak suute and she also met a linck statue and a kid with long blak hair and wite sckin. Dawn's new nickname is EyelessJeffrinaGlitchyBellaTwichyLaughingZalgaTicciSalSuicide The Killer. And she fel in love with the link stachu. Shhe wanted to get revenge on her parrent for throwing stof at her and then she kiled them and she cellrebayted of there deth

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