Here I am, Playing Tag with my friends....He tags me, I tag Him Back and well....The Cycle Continues, I guess? Yup! So guess what? I killed him because I felt like it....Oh yes....Killed him by clenching my teeth, and hitting him with a piggy bank filled with air. My parents found out, and started beating me and beating me until they stopped beating me...

I was sent all the way to this fucking Mental Hospital, and was quickly placed into this Abandoned Elevator where a man named "Donny Cage" was waiting for me. He sat down, and asked me a dumb question....

He says, "Kid, Why did you kill your friend"?

I was doing some weird things with my face after he had asked me this question. I moved my lips in directions similar to that of a compass Cardinal Rose, I clicked My tongue, and then I said without hesitation....

"I Don't know, I just Killed him, You know? It felt a little weird at first, but nothing compared to what I had felt later when My parents nearly Killed Me too!"

Donny Got angry at first, and then laughed hysterically, until he got bored a split second later.

"Erhm....Okay, That's pretty cool. But I got an even cooler thing to tell you!" Donny said with an evil look.

And then.....A few Moments later, Donny had brought out a knife and cut out his face......But it turned out, that it wasn't a real face after all! Instead, a Big Golden Key, located where his average looking face once was.

"The hell?" I blurted out.

"Oh yes! I bet you weren't expecting this, right?" Said Donny, with a blank expression on his face(Not because he had a key for a face, Because He did have a face!)

I would then say, "No, Not really. But This really doesn't surprise me in the slightest, as I really don't care how you look....It's, well Not a surprise"!

The story would end there, and if there is anything that I have learned from this lackluster that The only thing predictable about a predictable story, is a story TRYING to be Unpredictable, When in reality, It's not! Take this abhorrent story for an example!

So remember, Whether a Bot is made of old parts, or spare parts, You can shine no matter What You're made of!

Except for me, I'm made of Metal, and I have come to destroy Your Planet!

The End.


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