Note: I did not write this pasta, I am just posting it here.

*Ring Ring* Hey sup John I have always injoyed the games that you have made me thanks but one of the games have been really glitchy and the music was all sad emotional the game was called unknown survivor I don’t know if you know this… Oh so you do know this why is it like this… Really! so the game makers name was Unknown really stop fooling around with me John so he did do it wow. Wasn’t he the dude who made the pokemon glitch when the sailor said if you like this game buy it or die! He was oh my god whell anyway I love the pokemon game that you gave me them the pokemon yellow. I have loved it just when I saw it and I found something really creepy I was starting my new adventure I started to hear the lavender town song that was supossed to be banned in Japan for it’s high pitched  noise that made kids commit suicide well guess who made the theme no you woundn’t do such a thing really. yes now give it to me what do you want? you to open you mouth no do it make me ok thenI will. * crack * that is when I started to cry I broke it yes now give it to me wait no way your the Unkown Survivor yes I am I trap peoples souls in a jar and when I get the right soul I will eat it and I will come back to life now open your mouth no no never * slice * ahhhh why are you doing this because I want my life back besides I was the one who made your friend jack get in that car accident. Jack no why would you do this because you father was the one who killed me now open up! No never ahhh yes yes YES! I have my life back I am now you and you are now me and I will make you pay for what your father did! No No NOOOO!!

Credited to Spitfire71

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