A man had tucked his son to bed and was checking his bedroom to make sure that everything was in order. Suddenly the child said, "Daddy, could you check under my bed for monsters? I'm sure there are!". The father, just to calm him down, looked under his little son's bed, but was surprised to see another child there, identical in every small detail to his son. The child under the bed told him, "Daddy, can you check over my bed for monsters? I'm sure there are!".

The man was confused and didn't know what to do. Suddenly, an optimal solution came to his mind. Since he didn't know which one was the monster and which one wasn't of the two, he assumed that both of them were, he opened the bedroom window, grabbed both of them and threw them out. Only when he was laying in his bed and was falling asleep, it came to his mind that he had two monozygotic twins, surprisingly identical, who enjoyed to play tricks on him, taking advantage of his bad memory and their extraordinary similarity.

"It's late and I don't feel like getting up from bed and going out to grab them. They'll still be there tomorrow morning", he said to himself yawning, then he felt asleep.

A disasterpiece made by Grand Albert

Content is avaible under CC BY-NC-ND

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