Note: I didn't write this pasta, I'm just posting it here.

You know the spin-off to Parappa the rapper Um Jammer Lammy yeah that one with that said lets get started.It was 2004 I was on the PlayStation forums and somebody said "I have a beta PS one disc its up for sale."

I was surprised someone was sell a beta but anyways I bought it two days later it arrived. The disc said Um Jammer Lammy, but it had no cover just the disc I said "Weird" So I put it in my PS2 and started playing. The game had no intro I already beat the game on another disc so I seen the cut Parappa stage 1 you know with chop chop master onion anyways The stage started but Parappas head textures were gone and the music was ear piercing so I turned down my volume. Still the sound clips were mixed up Prappa had lammys guitar noises so it was messed up it probably glitched out . I swear I did not do this with cheats or emulation so lets not make copys of this.

Now stage 2 was completely unplayable the game would crash and my PS2 would shut down. I invited my friend over the next day and he and I took the disc and broke it in half. We never spoke of it again and Stage 1 Parappas version is still playable butt theres no animations so the guy soon posted "sorry who bought the disc but I found out it was glitched to hell and was unplayable sorry I have another disc Still kinda glitched but working." I commented "I bought that disc it was glitched." He soon was banned and Later killed him self on his birthday No one was normal after that later his older brother shot himself from living in a haunted house for months.

The local news said it was from selling werid and haunted games and living in a haunted house for months.

Sorry for random info but it was important to this so yeah thats my story of this game.

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