One day, I decided that I want to play overwatch. I started my computer and opened the game. After that I started a custom game because why the fuck not. So, I made a custom game and filled it with hard mcree bots.

When I entered I picked Soldier 76 because he Is my favorite hero. For some reason when I opened the game, the classic skin I had equipped for him was replaced by the commando 76 skin. I thought that I might have forgetten that I put it on, so I didn't think of It that much.

I went out of the spawn and the first thing I saw was a torbjörn turret. I thought „huh, weird, I didn't add any torbjörns here." but once again I foolishly didn't think any of It. I tried to destroy It, but for some mysterious reason I couldn't. I just kept shooting It for five minutes straight. I just couldn't destroy it.

I got tired of It eventually so I decided to move on. For some reason, something seemed even more off. I ran a couple of meters until I saw him, torbjörn. He was surrounded by five other torbjörns. They were all decapitated and bloody.

I couldn't believe what I just saw, this shit was so disturbing yet I couldn't stop watching it. Torbjörn opened his mouth and whispered: "Härd wörk päys öff." He proceeded running at me, swinging his mighty hammer. And I decided to run because It was fucking terrifying.

I ran for like eight hours straight. And In the end, soldier lost all the power to run. All I could do was sitting on my couch, watching this happening. The next thing I saw was  Soldier 76 getting smashed by five torbjörns while they whispered: "töö höt för yöü?"

After that torbjörn looked right into my eyes through the screen and the last thing I heard was...

„heär me bäby?"

And then I died in real life.

How did I write this you ask? That's because I am torbjörn.

My last words are:

„Start hammering."

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