Author's Note: Hello! This is something I like to call an "Anti-Pasta". Which is... well, you'll see.

My name is Christopher Pieraccini. I am eighteen years old. One day, I went to a garage sale near my house. I found an old man running the place. As soon as he saw me, he handed me a game, called "Tomodachi Life" and said: "Take it. It's free." I'm not one to question free stuff, so I thanked the man and left. As I was leaving, I noticed a triangle on the cartridge. It reminded me of the Illuminati conspiracy theorists. I popped it in my 3ds once I got home, and started the game up. To my surprise, there was already a Mii there. It already had my name! I checked the Mii's info, everything checked out, it was exactly like me! I went back to the garage sale, and asked the man why the mii had my info. The man replied "Because I love you, son." My eyes filled with tears, and I ran up to him and gave my father a hug.

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