Note: the grammar errors in this pasta are intentional, plase do not edit them out.


His bedroom with the light on.

Robert was sleeping on his warm, cozy bed, dreaming of joyful times he had experienced when He was suddenly jolted awake by a soft, tapping sound coming from his window. Robert thought at first he was still dreaming, until the gentle tapping constantly grew until it became to much to withstand for his small ears.

As he got up to check the window he tripped on one of his toys and fell headfirst into the ground. He got up cursing and flipped open his curtain. What he saw made him release a small amount of pee into his paints.

Though his window he could clearly see a giant shape standing outside. He could make out that the thing had red fur all over its body and it also had claws the size of razors.

before he could react, however, he was yanked by something from behind him and was put into a choke hold. He tired to struggle but everything faded away into oblivion. He was never seen again.

Written by Skyrim90000

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