Note: I did not write this pasta, I am just posting it here.

Today was a great day for me but things happen in the past disturbs me in present.

2 years ago me and my friend Adien use to live together in house. He was my best friend until he became murderer. We became poor day by day. One day Adien got bag full of money. I asked him that where you find the bag. He didn't reply. He was changed from that day. He use to woke up late but now he gets up early. I followed him and i was shocked when I find out he was working with a gang. I go to police and narrate every thing that i show. Next day the gang had encounter with police. My friend was killed infront of me. His eyes glow red when he was shot. He shouted" i will have my revenge". From then on i live alone in the house.

Every night i hear sound of footsteps but when i turn the lights on and turn it off. The sound of footsteps is gone. Every night it happens. The sound has reached to my door of bedroom. I have seen his eyes it was glowing red with one thing written everywhere "I will have my revenge".

Tonight the sound of footsteps will reach to me and horrible things will happen to me.

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