Josh and I were looking at games for my Xbox 360. We found some games like Dead or Alive, Fallout, Portal. We went to the cashier. He said that they were having a promotion, so the games were free. We went home and played some Xbox360. But things started to get weird. We loaded the game, We saw a bloody version of the Xbox 360 logo on the screen.

We ignored it,So we played Fallout. There was blood everywhere on the title screen. We noticed that there was nothing, but blood. We finally started the game, and played for about an hour, till we turned it off.

Then I heard it, that bloody scream. I called Josh and told him about the screams. No reply though. My phone rang, it was Josh. " Dude where the hell are you talking About?" Dude, I'm telling you, I'm not lieing, I heard that bloody scream, I said. I then turned on the Xbox. Again I heard that bloody scream. " What do the hell do you want from me?!, I screamed. I want your soul, it said. I fainted, goodbye world, were's my last words.

Josh ran to my home. Josh open the door. Josh found the bloody monster. The bloody monster had a gun. The bloody monster said Any last words. Josh said i'm gonna wake up now. The bloody monster ran out the house. Josh wake up. His friend was in his room. Josh's friend said you had a coma.

Josh said about his Nightmare.

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