one day my name is nik and this is my store. i am fearing for my life right now so i much run... help me...! it all happend when i was at the spagetty shop with my mum at the sushi store. or was it kimchi? i am not sure... maybe its becuz of what THE GIRL did to me.... now who is THE GIRL u maybe asking? well... let me tell you now...

i am walking to home at the park and then i smell something weird, what is that smell i am wondering? so i started cookign a sausnage on the barbie (thats what the australian peep say! hehe) becasu i wanted to evaporate the stinky. i was rolling the skin on the cooking machine but then it ripped off. why do you hate me god? i thought because my friend did not ripped his sausnage skin... i turned around to pic up a new sausnage but then something strangle happened... everybody became disappeared!??? i put drope the sausnage becuz i was so scared and it bounced on the floor. boyoioinggg! then the sausnage started walking and arranged themself into the shape of "you will die tongiht" with blood everywher I WAS SO SCARED man...


where is the letter o tho? hmm mystery!

so i started to run away but the sausnage was walking to me... but wait a minute... if the the sausnage is chasing me...

who is grill?

then i turn around a bit 

it was the man from the sushi, what?! he said i am THE GIRL and i am also grill. but how is that possible i thinkinged...? he said "IT WAS ALL A LIE" then he ran to my face and spitted in my eye so i couldnt see the sausnage and i tripped. but the amazing thing is the sausnage only wrote "you will die t nght" and forgot to bend itself into an 'o' so my body became the o and he thought i am sausnage instead so he walk right past me hahaha

i survived... until i got home when i was sleepingd when a man sneaked up on me... IT WAS A SASUANGE WHO CRAWLED UNDER MY DOOR... i couldnt breathed until i died... his final words were: "i knew u were not sausnage all along... you r letter 'o'... i just pretended!" and i thought plot twist omg! i guess the sausnages were rite after all...

i will die t night (no 'o' remember because the 'o' was me)

this story is writtened by leslie chao in australia (remember because i said 'sausnage on the barbie'! hehe)

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