One day I was walking down my neighbor's street. I was late for a sleepover with my friend, so when I got to her place, she was pretty angry. "Where the heck have you been?" She asked with her hands on her hips. "On, um, I was reading badpasta," I replied in hopes of her not, you know, killing me. She smiled and urged me to come in. We headed to her room where she locked her door. "Hey, what are you-" I turned around to see that her room was a mess. Blood was soaked in her carpet and stained her walls. Organs were splattered everywhere. She grabbed a knife, stapled me with it, and smiled like a madman. She wrote my name in blood in her wall as a retreated to the underworld. The girl slept none the next night. She felt as though there was hyper realistic eyes watching her. She played pokemans and went to lavender town. She saw my name carved in a gravestone. She giggled at the thought of killing me again. At that moment, a skeleton popped out of her closet. She stabbed the skUll of the skeleton and laughed. Her eyes grew red. She died and went straight to the underworld where she married a demon and had demon hybrids. The End!:Oh yeah, and this is going to stop you from sleeping 2nite!

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