one of the spooky images i asw

if ur reading this... i'am probably dead y now...kiled by a dedly beyond human of the demon kind...beyond our comprehension...they seemed to be depictd lik fox and flaco in the expreinces which led to my death. i got a new copy, of starfox aslut, from my neighbor, who dyed from a terminil ilnes, his last words being "this game has killed me" as he took his last breath and fell to the hard pillow hyper realistic blood seeping out fo his ieye lids. i put the game cartridge into my nintendo wii, breathing heavily not knowing whether the game was cursed or not, but when it loaded didnt have an n64 logo it had a hyper-realistic skull hyper realistic blood seeping out of the eyelids with a dark sky in the background i vomited at the sight because blood in my videogames is just unbearable. i started the game but the title screen simply said "your dead" with "die" and "no"...i figured it was a trick question and pickedd die which lead me to a dark screen resemblin the solar system scren but this one was not no solar system no no it was a spooky system! it had jack-o-lanterns! ghosts! skulls! bats! and all kinds of spooky shit all over the space with hyper realistic blood going everywhere! it even had an aborted fetus! i scaredly began the game but there was no turned black and then it started flashing hyper realistic pictures of fox and falco realistic bloold everywhere and a skeleton came out with a sword, it read "Clayton The Earth Dragon", and he sed "TIME TO DIE." and i died.

I then woke up saying No more chilly fired fries before i eat bacon olives and green tomatoes anymore.

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