Right now I am about to die because the evil ghost will make my brain explode. One day I was listening to Lavender Town music when I thought of something: The missingno ghost looks almost like a nine and it is in the first generation of pokemon which had thre games. 6-3=3. In Ubers there is 6 ghosts and three more that wish they were. When I play pokemon go i have 6 ghosts but there are also three more that my friend caught.

6+6+6=666. The Gengar is satan. But wait a second...........................................

What do we do with all the threes!

there are three threes 333! ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED! Ghost pokkemon are not part of the illuminati, they ARE THE ILLUMINATI ITSELF! Could this mean GameFreak and Nintendo is secretly trying to take over the world, but they don't want to let us know-except for the people who went into Lavender Town for too long but they already had there brains explode from listening to the music and are too dead to tell everyone else that the ghosts will conquer the world! The people who turned into ghosts were all the people they killed right now there are 59.52 million ghosts in the world! But it gets even worse. We go to work every day, pay taxes to teh government, go to school, that's because the illuminati made us, so the ghosts are us! We are dying every day and turning into, the theory of the evil ghost!!!!!!!!

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