Every red tide in north america, an island appears off of the coast of Stonongton, CT near the burrough. For the time that it appears, you can travel to that island. However, if you don't return by the time the tide is over, you will be stuck on the island and trapped there forever. Only one man has ever returned, and he can barely recollect what had happened. All he remembered is that he heard constant screaming and smelled blood the entire time and that he gradually felt less human during his stay on the island. He remembered that there was a certain area that seemed like it offered sancuary, but when he went in it he blacked out and woke up on his boat. After he told his story, he became braindead. When he became braindead, he was admitted to a hospital. After about 3 months, on the day they were about to pull the plug, his body dissapeared. The nurses claimed that during his stay his sheets would always turn red after a week, but he had no bloodloss. However, the only thing left behind was the smell of blood and a strange talasman that had the crude image of the man's face on it. On the back was an illegible inscription. The talasman was made from volcanic ash and in the core it had the gray matter of a man's brain. The DNA matched that of the man who dissapeared.

Author unknown

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