Well, I don't know what this is. Could it be a bootleg catridge? I don't know, all I can say is I'm new to creepypasta and I dont what this is. Basically I brought this 'haunted' Mario 64 Cartidge and I want to share the story. It was a grey and horrible day. I was really bored so I dug up my Nintendo 64, It brang back so much memories just looking at it! I started thinking about some great games for it and one game flashed into my head, Mario 64. As soon as I thought of it, I went straight to the shops. Of course it took a while to find it, but eventually I did. Then I rushed home and jammed the cartidge into the Nintendo 64. I smiled when I saw the mario face, but it didnt look as happy as I expected it to be. It even appeared to be miserable. I pressed start and gasped in horror. There were 2 existing slots, one with 66 stars and one with 6 stars. I pressed one of the free slots containing 0 stars and the entrance wasn't about Peach or anything, It was just Mario's head getting ripped off by Bowser. Of course this freaked me out but I urged myself to play on.

When I came out of the pipe, The waterfall wasnt water, infact, it was blood. The camera guy was headless and when I tried to enter (Which took several times) He said'Bowser is our leader now' and I lost some health. I obviously got slightly annoyed so I done the glitch to enter. Instead of Bowser's laugh I heard a explosion and all the toads died. I went to the first level (Forgot name) and the bombs looked angry and blew up in blood baths. I ran to the top of the mountain and the boss just killed me. No talking, he just threw a single bomb and killed me.

As soon as I went flying out of the picture, the walls changed to rusty metal and the floor looked old and wooden. I felt depressed. An awesome game turned into a horrible horror movie. I thought I should challenge Bowser, for some strange reason I had 45 stars without doing anything but dying. Obviously the place was all crooked and evil. I got to the pipe and fought bowser. As soon as he touched me, the game turned off.

What is this?

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