Note: I did not write this story and am in no way taking any credit for writing it.

Well, this thing is new to me i had never thought of writing down what i found that dreaded day now you're all probably all wondering what is that dreaded day and what is it i found well let me tell you all it began on a tuesday i was staying behind after school doing catch up and i walked into the corridor to head home but i got that feeling that i was being watched so looked outside nothing so i shrugged it off and as i was walking out of my school i saw the staff room door was open and nobody inside so i went to investigate as i walked into the room i notiched a note attached to a book on the main desk in the room i was a note adressed to my science teacher within the book was reports of this thing that was classed as a prehistoric human of course i thought this was phony because no human could live with dinosurs but then i got that same feeling from earlier and again shrugged it off and went home as i was walking to school the next morning i heard someone crying and so i went over to the person who said something killed her dog last night she also stated the dogs chest was ripped open and the head ripped straight off i wanted to puke but i held it back and asked what the thing looked like she replied it looked like a man with a crooked back about 6'5 and looked as if he had knives for fingers i then set off again for school and as i was nearing the gates i heard russling in the bush next to me so i turned quickly toward it and shouted come on out you know just to see if it was a kid playing a prank but i got no reply just then a pair of bright neon green eyes appeared from the bush so i ran as fast as i could for my school luckly i got there in time or else i would have gotten detention but since that day i've been seeing those eyes so many times latley

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