Many Many Years ago, 1345, The Devils Hodge, also known as "Halloween" debuted into our world. There were 7 Men, In goat Skin covered in blood, And Two Horns Decked Into the Goat Head. They were ALL responsible for the "Festivities" to take place In this fascinating event. But, spectators would later find out, that all of the special things planned for this, was just a Grotesque, and Devious.....You know. Children, Killed by sodomization, and Everyone else Murdered, and impaled by these here Men. But, many of the surviving spectators, would later recognize this event as "The Nightmare On Elm Wood" and later known, as "Halloween" which Means The Devils Day Of reckoning, In German.

The 7 men were never seen Again, not because of the very event that took place In Jurker, Germany. But someone, or SOMETHING took them away, For expire talk Purposes so to speak. You may know him as The SlenderMan, A Huge And Terrifying Entity, that still exists In our world. But, The Men would know him by One named "Der Rotenghotfo" which means "The Big Demon" in German. It is unknown where IT has taken them, but I know only one thing, it was not a safe place. After the men were taken, The Slender Man used a spell, To get them into a deep trance. Which, Left them dazed, confused, and have a Urge to serve the Slender Man, as if IT were their own flesh and blood.

In just a few short years, The Men were back to normal, but now belonged to The Slender Mans Hands. They were probably the first Proxies, Ever used by IT and they proved to be successful. 1360, A Terrible Sickness struck all over Europe, including Germany and this was a clear advantage, for The Slender Man and his Proxies. The Sickly people, were too helpless to stop Them from wreaking havoc on there lives, And destroying their Villages. One village, in particular, had a population of about 189, and every single one of them, died at the hands of these remorseless monsters.

But, Their was soon a slight bump on the radd for them, as they came across "Düsseldorf" a Commonwealth with a population of about 230 Thousand People! The people in Disseldorf were Intelligent, they were aware of the threat that was wreaking havoc across Germany, so they were prepared, and Formed a Militia Army, trained with the best KNOWLEDGE of fighting, and tactics. Once they saw the Slender Man And his proxies Near thief village, They Ordered the Militia army to Attack...But nothing was there. Then, Out of nowhere, The slender man and his Proxies Kidnapped athe villagers, And bOom! dead. (To Be Continued).

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