I open my eyes to find myself in a dark and gigantic room. I do not remember how I got here. All I remember is that I was driving on a highway. There was a huge accident. I don't know if I survived it. Suddenly, I see a sign which reads "For your whole life, you have questioned life and death." The sign is illuminated by a small light which quickly fades out if I walk away from it. I walk on. I see another sign which reads "Everyone who dies shall enter here, and remain here for the remainder of their days." I frantically walk on to see another sign which reads "There is no peaceful afterlife. This is the afterlife." I run away from that sign and I go as fast as I can. I see another sign which reads "This is the last sign you get. You're going to have to spend the remainder of your days in total darkness." The sign slowly fades out. By the time it fades out, it is total blackness in here. I cannot see anything else besides my body. I cannot hear a single thing except the sounds I make when I walk or make other noises. I scream for help several times. After no one responds to any of my attempts, I accept the fact that I will have to remain here for the rest of eternity. We will all be punished someday like this when we die. Now is my turn. Someday, you will meet the same punishment that I'm living...

Another masterpiece made by: BrianBerta

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