Ok yea so one night I was eeeeting cachup I the bathrom at 1:30am when i heard a elephant in my room so I quick grabed a ak 47 siting around in my livingroom for no goon reaso.but the worst thing of all I forget I had put on my lingerie sew deh elephunt lafter at me so i put a lot of holes in him, but then the elephant had a ghost and it said, "mistat you, i am going to eat you so bad that your phone while die" but then I ate the ghost with a ghost eeter that I had and it was all gud scrubs, but then my best frend larey camed in my window, but Larry was a skelerngton so I akshidintley shot him in the face.i had to go lareys funeral and for some resone the eiafant came back and tried to kill me with his new fire berth put then lukily I stole some farry dust from my grandma so I had an anti fire breth armor and I yoused the power of love and frenship jk I jus stabed the thing 135 times in the groyn Not that I was counting. But then, the lephantdidn't"t dye and then cool stuff happened and then we blew up an orphanage and we fought eechover and then ferdy fezberr and his feends shrek and sonic and wily wonka and the chocolate factory showed up, but then the muppets came and kilt all the in the end we all learn a powerful lesson that we can do every thing with th power of lllllllllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee Of killing ponies. The end,