Samuel returned home from school and went inside his house. Upon entering, he noticed a note on the table.

Dear Samuel, your father and I went to the bank. We'll be back shortly. Make sure you do your homework while we're gone if you have any. Be back soon!
Love, Mom and Dad.

Samuel decided to look for a snack to eat. He looked in the freezer and he found an unopened box of chocolate ice cream. He decided to eat it. He got out a bowl and a spoon and scooped out 2 scoops of the chocolate ice cream. He finished the 2 scoops that he scooped for himself and decided to have more since he really liked it.

He gave himself 2 more scoops and ate it as well. After he finished, he decided to bring his bowl and spoon to the sink. As he was getting up, he knocked the note his parents wrote for him on the floor by accident. It landed upside down and he saw that there was writing on the back of it. He put the bowl and spoon back on the table, picked up the note, and read what his parents wrote for him on the back.

p.s. Make sure you don't eat the chocolate ice cream we have in the freezer. It is poisonous and if you eat it, you will turn into a giant flesh-eating humanoid robot-monster and you will bring about the end of the world. Anyways, love you and see you later.

Samuel said "Oh shit" and he then turned into a giant flesh-eating humanoid robot-monster. He busted down the front door and he ate 3 people in the frontyard.

This incident happened about forty-five minutes ago. Make sure you find somewhere safe to hide immediately so you don't get eaten as well.

Another masterpiece made by: BrianBerta

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