The Police departmint of Earth are on the lookout for a dangerous murderer, who had recently killed someone important....Tom Shop.

For those of you who don't who Tom Shop is, He was an american Country rapper from England who was last seen dining at his favoritre Resteraunt "Bistro In La Quada". An all French-Arabic-Spanish Themed place. Witnesses stated that he came to order the usual meal...."A Pearl Necklace On Popped Cherry". But as he was waiting for his meal, a man with a ski mask had grabbed tom from behind, and slashed him in the neck....Tom died as a result.

The man would quickly flee from the scene, and was never seen OR Heard from again....Untill Now.

As I had been writing this sentence, The police presented a HYPER-REALISTIC Drawing of the NOT WOMAN to me, and I WAS ABSOLOOTLY STUNNED!!!!

The man....Who had Performed this wrong doing.....Was.....Was....Was....Was....


We have tracked you down, and you shall be apprehended for the murder of Tom Shop, and shall spend the rest of your life in Federal Prison without parole.

Tracked i.p adress: 83.69.666.21.Murderer

Fuck you for killing Tom Shop, Cunt.

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