In 1984, scientist James White conducted an experiment to find out what happens to someone if they are put in a metal jail cell with nothing inside it for 20 days. A poor man volunteered to be a subject as he was promised a reward of $6,000 after the experiment would be over.

Day 1

Subject appears to be stable. Nothing to worry about.

Day 2

Subject claims that he is becoming bored. He regularly paces around the jail cell.

Day 3

Subject is sitting on the floor. Shows minimal signs of anger and hostility in his voice when being talked to.

Day 4

Subject tried to grab a scientist on the outside. The scientist got away, but he scratched her arm.

Day 5

Subject started begging to be taken out. He said that a spirit is inside the cell and he will be killed by day 14 unless he leaves. Unfortunately, he had a contract signed that he must stay inside there for 20 days unless there's an emergency.

Day 6

Subject began screaming at scientists. He threatened to kill each and every one of them unless he is taken out immediately.

Day 7

The subject tried hitting his head against the metal bars. Scientists rushed in the cell to secure him. In the process, 2 scientists were injured. He is now strapped down to the floor so he can't move at all.

Day 8

Subject started crying all day.

Day 9

He is still crying.

Day 10

Subject is trying to hold his breath until he dies. He is unable to do so.

Authors Note: I'm becoming bored of writing this thing so I'm just going to skip ahead to the end. Don't judge me. This is still a masterpiece though.

Day 14

Subject was found getting cut up. Huge wounds were opening up on his body and his blood started dripping everywhere. Scientists tried helping him, but they were unable to open the gates. Something was preventing them from doing it. All they could do was watch in horror as he was being torn apart. Eventually, he died.

Suddenly, his blood started moving around and it wrote a sentence on the floor which read "I am God, and you have all forsaken me."

Another masterpiece written by: BrianBerta

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