Note: from now on, all of my pastas are dedicated to BrianBerta.

A single man who is different from all the other people walks on our Earth. The fact that differs him from the other is that he walks this Earth since immemorial times.

He exterminated the dinosaurs and every other species who is now extinct.

He was there, when a caveman struck two flints together, for the first time, and discovered fire. He was very angry, as he saw that the human kind found a way to create light.

He was there, when the wheel was invented. He cursed it, that is why incidents and car crashes happen.

He was there, when a blunt reed struck a clay tablet for the first time, inventing writing. He did not like that humans had found an ulterior way to communicate and grow closer to each other, so he suggested everybody that writing can be used to communicate hate, too.

He was there, when Romulus founded Rome. He was envious, so he killed Remus.

He saw the roman empire fell and was happy about it.

It was he, who tried to sink Colombus' ships.

He saw the Parisians storming the Bastille. He did not give a damn about it.

He poisoned Napoleon's breakfast on 5th May, 1821.

He suggested european monarchs to invade Africa and colonize it.

He killed Franz Ferdinand to start World War I and gave Gavrilo Princip the blame.

He was there, when Hitler gained power and he was there when he met his demise.

He killed Kennedy and tried to kill John Paul II.

He saw the last presidential elections and was sickened by them like everyone of us.

He is the man who always has been and can be wherever he wants.




Even at your side, in this very moment.

A disasterpiece made by Grand Albert

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