Once there was a ginormous monster who was roaming the streets. I will describe it starting from the top: it had an enormous head, with red eyes and an enormous mouth with pointed fangs. Its neck was puissant. Its arms had each an odd number of very sharp curved claws with whom it was cleaving the air. Its back was fraught with spikes and there were also stegosaurus-like plates on it. At the end of its back... Thinking of it, I don't believe you want to know the detailed description of the ginormous rear end of the ginormous monster, let's just say that the monster looked like Godzilla and let's stop here, it's better.

The ginormous monster was unstoppable and destroyed houses and skyscrapers with its tail. Intentionally. Everyone managed to save themselves except for a woman who tripped and fell. Just as the monster was about to step on her, an impossibly handsome perfectly shaved muscular bare chested man with black long hair and a sword in his hand stepped in the monster's path. After it saw him, the monster trembled with fear and stumbled back, then, it tried to hit the impossibly handsome bare chested man with its tail, but he dodged every single one of its attacks by leaping.

Suddenly, the monster grabbed the impossibly handsome bare chested man and took him to its mouth. The impossibly handsome bare chested man took advantage of the situation and planted his sword in its forehead, killing it. In the istant it was hit, the monster let go of the impossibly handsome bare chested man, who safely landed bouncing on skycrapers' walls and swinging on a street light. A few seconds later, though, he fell to the ground and laid motionless. Eventually, the idle effects of the monster's hold proved to be fatal. The woman felt very sorry for him, since he sacrificed his life in order to save her and knelt by his side crying, screaming and bawling.

"Would you be so kind to be a good girl and pipe down, dearie? Fighting ginormous monsters is awfully tiring and I'm trying to take a little nap, here, if you don't mind" said the man.

A disasterpiece made by Grand Albert

Content is avaible under CC BY-NC-ND

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