You get involved in a car accident where 2 people died. You survive it, but you are in a full body cast, and will spend the next couple months recovering in a hospital. You are strapped to your hospital bed. You are on life support. In case anything goes wrong, you can push a button by your hand and a nurse will come in.

One night when you are laying in your bed, you hear 2 people walk up to your floor and talk to themselves.

Doctor Ramirez: Doctor Yaron, is anyone looking.

Doctor Yaron: Nobody is looking, Doctor Ramirez.

Doctor Ramirez: I'm going to stick this hook down the throat of whoever is in room 73.

You remember that you're in room 73. You get a bit worried.

Doctor Yaron: Remember that last guy we did it too. He was suffering and coughing up blood for like 5 minutes. It was such a gruesome way to die.

Doctor Ramirez: This time, I rubbed a fluid on the end of the hook which will make pain hurt about 5 times more. It will also extend the amount of time it takes to kill you. It might take 15 long minutes of excruciating pain to kill this guy.

Doctor Yaron: I cannot wait to see that in action. Anyways, let's start.

You try to hit the button by your hand to call for help, but because you were trembling, you dropped it on the floor. There's nothing you can do about it now.

You hear the 2 doctors getting closer to your room as their footsteps get louder. They begin turning the door handle, and the door slowly opens up. You see their shadows standing by the doorway. They slwoly start walking in your room. You are shaking in fear.

Before you see their faces, you suddenly remember that Doctor Ramirez and Doctor Yaron were killed 6 days ago in the car crash that you were involved in.

Another masterpiece written by: BrianBerta

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