Oh sheet. I'm going to tell you guys of some crazy ass story which happened to me the ozor day. Allso, this is a true story. I was simply shopping through Walmart and shit like that when a bunch of those hellish demons from hell started popping out and killing everyone. THis one guy standing near me got eaten by them. This other gye got swallowed, nd the demon was squirting out hiz blud. I barely made it out of there. When I escaped, I looked bak to see a fyoo other people running out of the store. Then the doors slammed shut, and everyone else I the store got killed by the demons from hell. Their blood sqwuirted everywhere. It got on the windows, the door, the wall, the ceiling, the thingies they were selling, the dead people demseelves, everyone. It was a horrible sight. Then, the cops showed up and started shooting up the store. All of the demons were dying. On of them grabbed an officer and killed him. Also, a few other oficers got killed. Eventually, after a longass battle of 24727475737 hours, the police eventually killd the demons and got the store under controwl. I was taken into qqwestining, and they asked me what happened, I told dem dat I idn't know so they decided to let me run free. This is a creepy incidnt, and it really happened as well. I'm not maing it up.

NEWS REPORT A bunch of people were killed in a Walmart. 52 shoppers and 9 cops were demons!!!!! It was very creepy, scahry, and shit as well. Cops will continyoo to investigate the area.

Another masterpiece made by: BrianBerta

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