In the office building where I work, there is an elevator which is haunted. People are banned from riding it because every time somebody has rode in it, they all die a gruesome death. Every time when the elevator doors open after someone gets in it, their intestines are seen inside it, but the rest of them are nowhere to be found. Thirteen people have been killed in it so far. The first person who was killed in it was in the year 2003. He was traveling up to the 7th floor when he died. Other people have entered it since then, but we decided to close it off eventually. It's currently being investigated by paranormal investigators for signs of haunted ghost activity. It has been such dubbed "The Hellevator" by us. I'm not going to state where it is in order to keep people from trying to find it, but if you are determined enough to find it, I and my co-workers won't stop you. Be warned though: You WILL die...

Another masterpiece made by: BrianBerta

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