Note: I did not create this pasta and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

Once their was a teenage girl named Emily and she had a beloved boyfriend named Matt . They were a perfect couple , doing everything together . Her parents lived the thought of Matt in her live .

After months of dating ,Matt finally proposed to Emily , Emily was over the moon . A week before the wedding , Matt was killed by a robber . Emily was depressed and went to a mental institution.

One faithful night her mind snapped even more , she decided to go after the man who killed Matt, but that wasn’t enough she had to ruin the robbers live, so she escaped the mental institution killing all the nurses and doctors one by one.

She located the robbers house , but he wasn’t home . She saw his wife and kids ……….. Emily tied up the kids and sliced the robbers wife into pieces infront of the robbers kids . They cried and cried but they knew that wouldn’t help . The robber came home not knowing what happened but heard screams , he walked into the room to she his family all dead on the floor . He started to cry , Emily sliced the robber and ripped his heart out , because he had broken hers . She checked his phone to see if there was more people who were involved in killing Matt , so to this day Emily is still out there hunting them don and ripping there hearts

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