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There's this one mental asylum which is abandoned. It is very spooky. People say that whoever goes in it dies and they can't spend a night in it. Me and my 3 friends decided to check it out.

12:00, we saw strange noises.

1:00, we saw a monster run by us.

2:00, a monster grabbed one of my friends and it tore him in half and hyper-realistic blood came out all over the place. Me and my 2 friends ran into a closet.

3:00, a monster broke open the door and it grabbed another of my friends and it ripped his head off and then hyper-realistic blood like all over the place. We ran into the air ventilation system for refuge.

4:00, me and my 1 surviving friend, were up here and we heard a bunch of voices, weird noises, voices, scratchy sounds, voices, screams, voices, crashing sounds, voices, and voices. Oh yeah, and voices. Almost forgot aabout that.

5:00, a hand covered in hyper-realistic blood broke through the floor of the ventilation and grabbed my friendds leg. It pulled him down and a bunch of hands tore him to pieces.

6:00, I was running in the hallway and now I am at a dead end. The monsters are about to kill me but first I'm going to submit the story. Don't go to this asylum or you'll die too.

Another masterpiece written by: BrianBerta

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