For this challenge, you need 1 mirror, 1 knife, 13 candles, and something to light them with.

This challenge can only be performed from 12:00AM - 12:15AM. You must be alone in your house, and you must turn off all power in your house.

Step 1: Lock yourself in a bathroom and turn off all of the lights.

Step 2: Place all the candles on the countertop. It doesn't matter how you arrange them as long as they are all up there.

Step 3: As you light them, you are not allowed to blink once. It is recommended that you use a lighter instead of matches because it takes less time. If you blink once, this challenge won't work.

Step 4: After all the candles are lit, you are free to blink.

Step 5: Use the knife to cut one of your fingertips. With your blood, write your first, middle, and last name into the mirror.

Step 6: Stare directly into the mirror. As you do so, you will notice that your reflection will start to change into something frightening. You will also notice that something will be behind you. Don't turn around as nothing will be there. If you turn around, you will get pulled into the mirror and you will be killed.

Step 7: Right as your reflection opens its eyes, you can talk to it. You can ask it 3 questions. They can be of anything you'll like. The ghost will answer your questions in the best way it can. If you insult or act rude to the monster, the cut you made on yourself will keep on bleeding until you run out of blood and die.

Step 8: After you finish asking it your questions, it will slowly fade away. Once it is completely gone, the candles will be blown out. You are free to leave the bathroom now. Don't try to leave before it is completely gone because if you do so, your head will fall off of your body.

Step 9: Leave everything in the bathroom just as the way it was. Don't touch anything or take anything out. If you do so, your body parts will slowly start to fall off of your body until you die.

Step 10: When you wake up, you are free to take the objects you used for this ritual out of the bathroom. It is recommended that you dispose of them as quickly as possible. What you have to do is put them in a shoebox and bury them at least 5 feet underground.

However, as punishment for talking to the ghost, the cut you made on your fingertip will develop into a permanent, black scar.

Another masterpiece made by: BrianBerta

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