Note: I did not create this pasta and I am in no way taking credit for writing it. I'm just passing it on.

5 Months ago In a Enclosed area in the mountains

Me and My Friend, Vikter (Using it for safety and other reasons) were outside just having fun he said “I’m out i have to go home” I thought okay go i’ll wait for my parents so i hiked farther and farther until i heard Snap Snap Snap I looked over at the trees Nothing i Looked Beyond that and still Nothing. I Shrugged the branches and snapping as a Fox or Rabbit and Kept walking

BIG MISTAKE. I walked to a tree to see “The Operators Symbol” The X in the O, But My Friend Vikter Said he was leaving in a suspicious way so, He’s pulling a prank i thought. WRONG AGAIN. Yep I’m on a losing streak. Out of my eye i saw a Tall shadow then it was gone. Then i heard “Ssssssss Heh he he” Like a Snake or a Laugh. Nope ignore it i thought again. I got into my dads truck and we went home. I went to my PC and searched “Slenderman” I found the sightings to study for some sort of extra credit project and My Other Friend Jake (using it for other reasons) called me and said in the mountains when he was hunting he saw this Tall Human Like creature scared away all these deer.

About 3 weeks later I saw a Note saying “GO…Your Not Welco…” The note just stopped Then I knew i had to leave i went to the mall and looked for some Books on paranormal research then i got a text from Vikter saying “Hey i’m at the mall where are you?” I texted him where i was and then we met up Across from us i saw a Statue next minute it was gone, i knew i was paranoid bt this was Wierd So i decided to go home then i saw the Tallest thing i ever saw it was creepy but i decided It was completely Terrible it was Pale and Faceless and it was holding something saying “GET AWAY FROM THIS AREA.” Hmph. Not bad for a faceless thing out to destory humanity. Then i saw the Symbol again it was absouletly Terrifying, I Ran so hard trying to escape it but i ran into the woods tripped and felll on a note saying “YOUR BEING WATCHED” then…

…It was over and it was gone i never saw it until i see his shadow out of my eye never to be thought of. Again.

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