A Facebook Account On Facebook By the name of "Alrena Rousche" has been cunvictid of kiling 500 persons through a facebook video containing a "Heart-Stopping" Screamer. In Viewing The video, Viewers were said to drop dead from a heart attack after being too scared by the video, and go insane that they have to go to the er! Some people didn't die, But they know for sure that they were very scared by the video.....One Witness had described this horrifying expirince as "very scary, and people watching will die".....To this day, Alrena Rousche is still At large AND STILL Murderung countless individuals through the video. The police have no leads on the killer, so they decided to leave it alone....

BUT, You can help me stop this madman from obliterating more people by viewing the video for yourself...Now, without out furrther of do, heres the video that killed alot of people.
Scary Facebook Profile Must See!00:11

Scary Facebook Profile Must See!

The Facebook Account that killed 500 plus

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