The mine

note: the grammar errors in this pasta are intentional, plase do not edit them out.

David walked through the mine, his mind racing. Just 4 hours ago, he had escaped from that cruel place he once called home. "Hello" he called but no one answered him.

Of course not, he thought, he was in a mine 10000m under the ground how can anyone so much as hear from down here. "Ill just wait for someone to get me he said". "I will just wait" "I will just wait. What was that moaning sound? He turned around and saw a zombie slowly Walking toward him.

As it passed the light, he got a first look at the thing. It was wearing human clothes but it was moaning loudly, not like a human at all. David wanted to move, ran, walk, anything but he felt Like he was stuck in mud. The zombie reached him and ate his flesh until he died the end.

"Wow thats a good story" said David as his dad tucked him in bed.

"Yes, but now its time for bed David and don’t fool around" He left and slammed the door.

David fell asleep at once but an instant before he did he Could have swore he saw a zombie climbing onto his bed. Before he could utter a sound he was fast asleep.

Written by Skyrim90000

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