One night when Dan was sleeping in his room, he heard screaming coming from his kitchen. He went to investigate, but it stopped when he went down there. He started walking back upstairs when he heard someone yell "My flesh is melting!" He went back downstairs, and he still heard nothing. He went into his room again, and he heard the blood-curdling screams for a third time. He decided to ignore it.

The next morning when he woke up, he smelled something rotting. He looked at his dishwasher and he saw that the smell was coming from it. He opened it, and he screamed in terror.

His younger brother was stuck inside it. The soap from the dishwasher made most of his flesh decay, and melted flesh was everywhere.

He then realized what happened. His younger brother likes going inside the dishwasher for extended periods of time. This time when he did it, he must have accidentally turned it on. When it started up, it squirted cold water at him. He didn't think much of it, and he was laughing. However, it then started spilling boiling hot water on him. He started screaming as it was making his flesh loose and wrinkly.

Then, it started squirting soap out at him. The soap caused his flesh to fall off of him. That was why he screamed "My flesh is melting!".

The last scream was when it started the drying phase. The hot air blew his flesh off and the walls of the dishwasher were very hot. Every time his skin touched it, it burned his internal organs a bit. It also hardened his blood which clotted inside his body. He eventually died.

However, something didn't add up about the whole situation. Why didn't he just open the dishwasher to free himself? The dishwasher doesn't have a locking mechanism so he could've easily done that. Dan was puzzled over that question for quite some time.

Suddenly, he heard a voice from behind his head which explained everything.

The voice said "Go to sleep."

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