This is a picture of a Mountain which some random guy took. He then later killed himself because of it. It was given to an elderly couple and they killed themselves. It was put in a museum and a fire broke out which killed like 14 people. This was the only drawing which survived the fire. The whereabouts of this picture are unknown but some people reported it apearing on their doorsteps and they died shortly after. I have this pivture right now. I'm about to commit suicide for some reason I won't go into detail now. If you look at this photo then you will die. If you look at it for 5 minutes then you die. So what are you doing now? Get out before you die. CLOSE THE PAGE NOW STUPID!!!!! GET OUT BEFORE YOU DIE YOU STUPID ORGASMIC IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(If you give this story a 10/10 then you won't die)

Another masterpiece made by the genuous writer: BrianBerta