AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was a "Creepypasta" my little brother made. He showed it to me and asked if it was good enough to put on the internet. I didn't want to tell him it was bad, so I just said "There are too many minecraft ones." and he said "Oh. Okay! I'll make a Mario one!" If it's bad, I'll put it on this wiki as well.

Hey man, you may not believe this, but I'm going through something. I'll explain from the beginning. So, I was playing minecraft and I saw something in the distance. i thought it was a zombie, so i went to it cuz i needed some exp to enchant my sword. but when i got closer, my computer started doing some weird things, like having a black screen for a couple seconds, and having the words "you cant escape" on the screen for a split second. i shrugged it off, and i continued venturing towards it. but then i saw it wasn't a looked like steve with blank eyes. i had a blue screen of death. i searched it up, and it was a thing called herobrine who haunts people's worlds. nobody ever experienced the glitches though. when i went back, i saw that there was nothing in the world, just grass and cobblestone. but then, i died for no reason, and when i got back, there was blood everywhere on the grass. i will never look at minecraft the same way, so i deleted it. what do you think i should do?

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