Jerry's living room.

When I was young my family and I would go visit my grandmother every Saturday. Her name was Jerry, and she was excellent. She would let me stay up past my bedtime, cook me what I wanted to eat, and bought me anything I ever wanted. She would also comfort me when something In my life went wrong, like the time my best friend died in a car crash when he was driving home after a party at his friends house.

I always loved to visit her. Every day I would daydream about our next visit. That was always the case.

Until that day I discovered the truth about her.

You see, there was one thing she never allowed me to do: go into the basement. She always told me that it was dark and creepy and that was where she kept all her priceless possessions. As a kid I would obey her thinking that she simply didn’t want me accidentally breaking any of her accessories. She would put a huge metal lock on the trapdoor and I would watch her every time. I had to know what was down there and one day, I got the chance.

I was on one of our family visits as usual. Everyone had gone to get food and I was left behind since I was in the middle of a game. I quickly paused the game and ran to the trapdoor. Now was my chance. Luckily for me she was the more careless type of person. I wasn’t surprised when I saw the key hanging right beside the trapdoor on a coat hanger. Checking that the coast was clear I quickly grabbed the key and sprinted carefully back to the trapdoor and inserted the key into the lock.

The lock opened with a click and I took the lock out. Gathering my nerves I entered the trapdoor and closed the door behind me. When I turned around I grasped in horror.

I couldn’t believe what I saw.

There were no items or anything for that matter. The room was bathed in a blood red grow that come from several red lights on the ceiling. The only piece of furniture that I could see was a blue wooden chair in the middle of the room. My heart started beating when I saw that someone was being bound to the chair by two metal chains. As I moved closer I could make out who it was. My mind couldn’t believe what I was seeing.




Written By Skyrim90000

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