Note: I did not write this pasta, I am just posting it here.

I was working at Hasbro entertainment for only one week until the lost episode of Barbie came out.

It was hyper-realistic with suicide and stuff. Serious, I know. Anyway, I quit my job.

But I got a disc in the mail that said "Killer.exe" So naturally, for some reason, I played it. Well there was jumpscares and, you guessed it, more hyper realism and then to top it all of, I was cursed. I wasted time on Cleverbot but it started talking about murder and my time is running out. I tried to go to sleep but some person was watching me. I think we wanted my liver or something. I woke up depressed. But again I sat down and thought. After the most terrible few weeks, I decided to stay away from anything bad. Guess what? It came back around and got me again. I was watching an add on television for toothpaste or something when I saw a warped Spongebob Squarepants killing people. At this point, I was pretty pissed that all these cliches were popping up here or there and everywhere.

I tried to go around it, add some new things into my life, to interact with other characters, but everything went wrong. My best friend became a sleep-void physco, my mom became an alien creature thing they call the Hoe or the Lawnmower or something, my dad played a haunted Zelda game, and I brought home a Sonic the Hedgehog doll that was (Guess) cursed. Eventually, I just couldn't think of anything to help my life along. To help the story.

So I stopped writing. I took my hands off the keyboard. I closed the computer down. I give up. I can't write CreepyPasta.

Credited to Justjackbros

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